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Cloud Based Surveillance Management System

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What is Ifovea?

Ifovea is a cloud video management system (VMS) for security systems; we combine all of the benefits of using cloud storage with video analytics to produce one easy-to-use platform.

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Cloud Storage

Ifovea's cloud storage allows you to keep all of your data on the cloud that you can access from anywhere and at anytime.

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Smart Video Analytics

Video surveillance is an important source of data and Ifovea's video analytics can help you extract valuable business insights that will drive you to success.

Video Analytics: Harnessing Data With Enhanced Security

Face Recognition

Secure face recognition instantly recognizes and identifies people of interest from a predetermined database across all connected cameras.

Scalable watchlists can be created for better security management while easing manual monitoring. Gender and age traits will be provided for every detected face to boost targeted marketing efforts and customer experience.

Object Detection & Tracking

Deep learning algorithms accurately categorizes and tracks the movement of thousands of objects such as people, vehicles, luggage, etc.

Ifovea’s advanced detection technology can recognize patterns of suspicious behavior to reduce false alarms and speed up response time to security alerts. Various search filters can be applied to retrieve incident footage or to reveal hidden observations about shopper engagement.

People & Vehicle Counting

Ifovea’s breakthrough object detection & tracking technology accurately keeps count of how many people and vehicles pass through certain areas at specific times.

People counting provides foot traffic data which can be used to evaluate store performance or to assess customer path throughout the store. Vehicle counting adds essential information needed for city planning and resource allocation along with identifying any traffic issues.

Heat Maps

Generated Heat Maps visually displays information about the frequency of activity and movement from people and vehicles throughout the day.

Heat Maps is a powerful tool that unearths insights about consumer movement inside the store and identifies the factors responsible for driving shopper attention.

See what iFovea has to offer

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Cloud VMS for Security Integrators

Ifovea is not just a service for the end-user; it is also a product that security integrators can sell, but under their own brand. We will provide you with all of the tools you need to start selling and making recurring profits almost instantly. Find out how you can sell your own branded cloud VMS in 3 easy steps.

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Unlock Limitless Potential With One Plan

Find the right plan that will transform your data into results. We offer plans that will fulfill any budget and every need. Additional storage and features are available when you need it.

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