Here is a compilation of the most commonly asked questions over IFOVEA and its operation or troubleshooting. If you still cannot find an answer to your question, our tech support line is open Monday-Friday, 8 AM-5 PM CST.

About IFOVEA Subscription Plans

No – we have a basic plan for recording without analytics if you have no desire for it.

Each subscription is only for one camera, so if you have 10 cameras, you will need to purchase 10 plans.

Each camera is able to have a different plan based on how many days you want to save recordings and whether you want analytics.

IFOVEA offers different plans based days of data storage. You can choose a minimum of 1 day and a maximum of 30 days.

The 1 Day and 30 Days plans will record with a maximum resolution of 2MP at 12 FPS. If you select the 7 Days plan, you will be able to choose a resolution of 2MP or 4MP at 15 FPS.

We offer customizable plans if you wish to record with a resolution higher than 4MP. Please contact [email protected] to hear about our options.

Higher resolution = more storage and bandwidth being used, so it will be more expensive to record with 4MP.

Object Detection & Tracking, People & Vehicle Counting, and Heat Maps

IFOVEA offers both monthly and annual subscription plans so you can choose the plan that best suits you.

No, you can sign up for free here but a demo is recommended to present to your clients.

Our subscription plans are for end-users, but we offer a special deal for security integrators to sell IFOVEA to their clients under their own brand. If you’re interested in learning more about our dealers program, reach out to our sales team at [email protected]

Please submit a form here, and we will send you a link to demo the software. It will include live video as well as an analytics demo.

We offer technical support for both our end-users and integrators so that they can support their end-users. Integrators will be able to receive alerts about any cameras that go offline.

Unfortunately, ONVIF cameras can only have Pay As You Go plans with or without analytics. P&P cameras offer more plan choices which you can view here.

About iFovea Setup

iFovea uses Amazon Cloud Service AWS that promotes high security for your data.

You can add an unlimited number of cameras to iFovea as long as you purchase a subscription for it.

No – only an IP camera is needed to connect to the software.

Currently, iFovea only supports IP cameras.

Yes – you can connect your NVR to iFovea, and it will connect your cameras as well.

Yes – without a stable internet connection, the cameras will disconnect from the software and recordings will no longer be saved. However, the footage that has already been saved will stay.

A simple LAN will not be enough because these cameras will need to be able to reach the Internet in order to connect to iFovea.

Yes – you can download iFovea on both the App Store and the Play Store.


If your cameras are POE, then it is not necessary.

Yes – as long as you have the correct camera information needed to add it and the camera is online, you can add it from anywhere in the world.

For ONVIF and generic cameras port forwarding will be required, but for P&P cameras it is not necessary.

About IFOVEA Operation

There is no limit to the number of customers that you can have.

Yes – please fill out this form to request a demo of iFovea.
Yes – you can find various tutorial videos on our YouTube channel.

Object detection is a deep learning algorithm that involves detecting the location of objects in images and videos in real-time and classifying them. Object tracking is a technique that follows the movement of the detected objects.

Every person has unique features that differentiates them from others. Even though people may look similar, no face is exactly the same. Face Recognition is a method of identifying or verifying the identity of a person through their face.

Heat Maps is a visual technique that shows the frequency of motion detected. most cameras use motion detectors to determine moving objects, but IFOVEA’s Heat Maps are more accurate in determining animate and inanimate clusters using their object classification technology.

Yes – the full screen button can be found in the lower right corner. You can close out of full screen mode by hitting the ESC button on your keyboard.

Navigation is where you can organize multiple cameras into different groups. You can also select a specific group of cameras to view from this menu.

Events is used to show when an “event” took place, such as when a person, luggage, or car has been detected. You can filter events by type of object detected or by date and time.

Library is where your clips and/or timelapses will be shown.

The Map is used to show the location of all of your cameras. You can also select a camera or a group of cameras to view from the map.

Autoscan runs a sequence through the selected cameras. You drag the desired cameras into the Autoscan menu, choose the amount of time between each camera, and then start the sequence. You can choose to switch through single camera views or through groups of cameras.

The Thumbnail Grid is used for a more convenient view of events during various time intervals. You can choose to view XS, S, M, or L thumbnails.

A clip is a short video from Time A to Time B and is usually shown playing in real-time. A timelapse follows the same concept but with a much longer period of time between the two points and is usually shown being fast-forwarded.

Any clips or timelapses you create will be saved in the Library indefinitely and will also show on the app after creation.

Yes – you can create clips and download them to a specific location.

Each clip must be at least 30 seconds long.

Videos that are downloaded from IFOVEA will be mp4 format.

Events are triggered whenever there is motion detected. Then the software will further determine the type of event that is happening.