Private Label

Private Label

Are you interested in becoming an integrator? Now you can own a cloud storage VMS with video analytics!

Ifovea allows you to create your own custom brand and resell your own product to a group of customers.

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Your Private Label Cloud Solution includes:

Pre-built platform with your own logo

Custom branded domain

An admin portal to manage your clients

Special pricing for you and your clients

How to Get Started

Request a demo and discover Ifovea!


What does the demo platform include?

We will send you a video portal demo that will include the following features:

  • 7 days of recording with analytics
  • Analytics will include Object Detection & Tracking, People Counting, and Heat Maps
  • View Events
  • Create clips and/or time lapse clips
  • View the high quality image of a 2 MP camera with 12 FPS
  • Explore the Maps function