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After decades of working in the security systems industry, the founders of iFovea realized that they wanted to contribute more to the field. iFovea was founded on the principle that we should provide cutting-edge technology and first-rate services to the world of surveillance. With years of experience and expertise under our belt, our company has revamped the current state of surveillance and cloud solutions. Within our company, we hold ourselves to a set of standards and beliefs to help us accomplish this mission.

iFovea was established due to an industry need for a surveillance video-hosting cloud solution. As surveillance technology advanced, a robust video surveillance solution became necessary. Using a cloud for surveillance improves reliability because it eliminates crashes and all software updates are automatically done by the developer. It also doesn’t require the user to have an on-site device to store and manage all surveillance footage. With a cloud, all management can be done over the internet and everything is simplified for the end-user. iFovea came into existence because we wanted to utilize all of the benefits of a video-hosting cloud for surveillance. But beyond that, we wanted to feature video analytics that will allow users to optimize their operations. Due to these two reasons, we created iFovea as an ingenious cloud server that will transform the surveillance industry.

Our Company's 5 Core Values:


Along with producing the service, we provide continuous support and will work with you every step of the way.


Partnering with us also means that you will get our commitment to provide the best services for you.


We pride ourselves in only providing products and services of the highest quality and performance.


Our product is highly innovative and we are always aiming to develop new ground-breaking ideas.


We never want to complicate things for our users. We simplify the process to be accessible to anyone.

What We


Video-hosting cloud and video analytics for end-users to manage their security camera systems and gather important data.

User-friendly cloud interface that makes the management of cameras and user access easy through a centralized platform.

Easy to install, configuration-free video management program for security systems.

Transparent and public pricing so you know what you'll be paying before signing up.