Hassle-Free Charge and Recurring Profits

Ifovea’s main goal is to simplify the entire process for integrators, and the billing steps is no exception. As an integrator, it can be difficult to figure out exactly how much you’ll be paying for a service. There can be extra hidden fees or complex pricing tiers. Some service might even require you to pay them a certain percentage of your profits, so you won’t know how much you’ll be spending on the service until the fiscal period ends.
When it comes to Ifovea, you’ll only have to pay one annual fee. This fee will stay the same regardless of how many customers sign up for your platform. Our prices are determined by other things, like required storage or resolution for each camera. This way, you’ll know excatly how much you’ll be spending on us every year. But not only that, this means that you’ll be making recurring profits with us. As an integrator with Ifovea, we will give you everything you need to sell under your own brand, and you will be able to keep all the profits you make.