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As more time goes on, more businesses and people are starting to use a cloud to store and save just about anything, like important documents, pictures, etc. And security footage is no exception. What makes Ifovea so revolutionary is that it is a VSaaS, or a hosted cloud-based video surveillance platform.

What Is VSaaS?

VSaaS is an acronym that stands for “Video Surveillance as a Service”. This is essentially a cloud-based solution for accessing, storing, and managing video footage. In a traditional surveillance system, all of the footage storage and management would be done through a physical on-site device such as an NVR or a DVR. What differentiates VSaaS from a traditional system is that VSaaS eliminates the need for a physical storage device; the only physical items that would need to be installed are the IP cameras. Instead of having to send video footage to a video recorder for storage, everything is sent directly to a secure cloud via internet connection. However, one thing to keep in mind is that VSaaS is a service, meaning that you will have to pay some sort of ongoing fee (typically monthly) in exchange for accessing the cloud and using the provided features.


But why are more people turning to using a cloud for storage? What advantages does a VSaaS have? Here’s a brief overview of just a few of the benefits.

1. Hassle-Free Installation & Maintenance

If you’ve ever worked with a traditional surveillance system, you would know that the installation process can be long and tedious. The process may entail installing the software, wiring all of the cameras to the physical storage device, manually configuring each camera, etc. Not only that, the system will also require manual maintenance and updates later on in the future. Using a cloud-based system is much more convenient because less hardware is needed so there’s not much to install or configure. In addition, all updates are done automatically through the cloud so there’s no need to look for system updates from the manufacturer.

2. Lower Costs

A lot of people shy away from using VSaaS because they believe that paying a one-time fee for a regular surveillance system is cheaper than paying for a monthly VSaaS subscription. But in reality, subscribing to a VSaaS can actually save you more money in the long-run. Traditional systems will require a hefty upfront investment for all of the cameras, storage devices, and the professional installation service. Not only that, they may require future maintenance and technical support which can have unpredictable costs. If you have a business with multiple systems in various locations, these expenses can add up quickly. With a cloud-based system, you will just need to pay for the cameras and the price of the VSaaS plan. This monthly fee is predictable and you can opt for different priced plans depending on what you need. Besides that, the plan will include automatic maintenance and updates through the cloud so you won’t need to hire a professional to come on-site.

3. Storage Flexibility

A cloud-based system stores recordings in an online cloud. Because of this, storage options are extremely flexible. If you require more storage, you can expand storage space by just paying a little more to your cloud provider every month. Clouds can hold an infinite amount of data so you never have to worry about running out of space. Traditional systems are limited by their hardware because recordings are stored on a physical on-site device. The storage is fixed when you buy the hard drive so expanding storage capacity will require purchasing additional hard drives.

4. Scalable

Cloud-based storage is becoming an increasingly attractive option for businesses because it allows them to expand their security systems as their business grows. As mentioned earlier, traditional surveillance systems have an extensive installation process and they are reliant on physical on-site storage. This makes it difficult for businesses to add on cameras to their system because they will need to be configured and will require additional storage. VSaaS is a lot more scalable because the added cameras will be automatically configured and increasing storage capacity can be easily done by just paying a little more to your cloud provider each month.

5. Reliable Backup

Since traditional surveillance systems store their security footage on physical storage devices, there is a risk of footage being lost forever is something were to happen to the storage device. In fact, it’s quite common for criminals to steal or destroy video recorders as a way to erase all evidence of their activities. However, if the recordings are automatically sent to a cloud instead of a physical device, there will be no chance of losing important security footage.

6. More Secure

It’s a common misconception that using cloud-based storage is less secure because it’s essentially uploading data onto an internet server that could get hacked or breached. However, using a cloud is actually more secure because cloud providers will automatically release and install patches that resolve any detected security vulnerabilities. With traditional systems, security updates are less frequent and will require manual installation by the user.

7. Centralized Remote Access Management

Most traditional surveillance systems are capable of remote access like cloud-based systems, but their main issue with remote access is ease of management. Businesses with multiple locations often find it difficult to manage their security systems because they would need to access individual NVRs or DVRs. Using a video management software (VMS) is slightly better, but it still requires network configuration and connecting to a central data server for access. VSaaS makes management a lot easier because all of the connected cameras can be viewed on one centralized platform that can be accessed from any internet-connected device. Additionally, users can customize access permissions for every level of administration through the platform.

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