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In the first part of our “Using Ifovea” series, we discussed how Ifovea’s video analytics can be used to optimize retail store operations. However, video analytics is a broad field with many other applications and uses. One popular application of video analytics is for traffic management to promote safer and smarter cities.

Incident Detection

Ifovea’s object detection and tracking analytic is a deep learning algorithm that can help detect traffic incidents in real-time. This analytic learns patterns of normal behavior and can sense when something out of the ordinary is happening. For example, it can detect when a car is moving in the opposite direction of traffic or when a vehicle has stopped in the middle of a busy intersection. By identifying these abnormal behaviors instantly, traffic operators would be able to be alerted early on to take care of the situation.

Evidence of Accidents

When a traffic incident is detected, Ifovea will start recording and store the footage in the cloud. Having this record of events is important for providing evidence so that insurance companies can determine payouts and resolve accident disputes quickly.

City Planning

Planning roads requires collecting data about the expected traffic. Ifovea’s vehicle counting feature can automatically keep track of exactly how many vehicles are passing through certain areas at specific times. With this information, urban planners will be able to effectively determine things like how many lanes a road should have, where to put a stop light, etc. They will also be able to see the peak traffic hours so that they can configure how long a light should stay red/green to facilitate traffic flow and keep traffic jams to a minimum.

Traffic Monitoring

Besides aiding cities in the planning stage, Ifovea also helps them to monitor traffic better. With Ifovea, traffic operators would be able to detect when traffic is beginning to build up or where there’s a traffic jam. With this instant detection, they’ll be able to update signage to direct cars away from the heavy traffic or notify emergency vehicles to take a different route.

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